David got the new email subscription set up on SpeedKin so I’ll be doing the blogging there from now on. For those of you that are email subscribers here(Mom!), head on over and subscribe there. I have a backlog of photos to get posted so I’ll get to doing that over the next few days.

See ya there!

(Did I leave ya enough links to the new place yet? SpeedKin.com! :-p )


Moving, Again

Alrighty. In honor of the physical, real-world move, we’re also moving the blog. Yay! It’s nowhere near done yet but you can head on over for a sneak peek if you like. Where? SpeedKin.com!

David (one of my brothers, for those who don’t keep stalker-like notes on these things) got the blog software set up on SpeedKin and imported all of the old posts over. Now I just have to figure out what exactly I want and nag him ask him nicely to hold my widdle hand and speak in monosyllabic moron language to teach me.

Screw it. I’ll just nag him to do it.

They freak me out.

Welcome home!

We arrived early this morning and the slave labor has already begun!

So Monday night, Charlie decided to make life just a little more exciting by having his head swell up from his jaw to his eyebrow. Off to the ER we went. He slept through most of a CAT scan, didn’t blink when the nurse drawing his blood had to fish for a vein repeatedly, and bravely took the world’s most painful shot in the thigh — awaking him from a dead sleep. He came thiiiiis close to being admitted. His head was crammed full of pus from a massive sinus infection.

You can’t really see the swelling in the above pic but, below, you can better see what remains of it after four days of antibiotics. It’s gone down a lot and he’s starting to feel much better. He still can’t really chew much so he’s been living off of applesauce and whatever else he can gingerly chew.

And, yes, we’re still here in Oklahoma. Don’t ask. I promise you I’ll say bad words if I have to tell you about it. Just a few more days….

Nellie wanted a haircut. She wanted her hair cut to look just like her cousin Noora and Dora the Explorer (a cartoon for those of you not yet subjected to her). Okay, so I got the scissors and went to work.

(Her bangs aren’t really crooked, she just had them pushed wonky.)

She’s really happy with it and that’s what matters. (That, and not having three thousand knots to brush out any more!)

I regret to inform you…

…that Isaac was recently eaten by a giant, fuzzy head.

Then the large, fuzzy head decided he tasted like stinky teenage armpit and had to spit him out.

The only logical thing to do after that, of course, was to smoosh the stink out of him with giant, fuzzy butt.

It didn’t work.