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David got the new email subscription set up on SpeedKin so I’ll be doing the blogging there from now on. For those of you that are email subscribers here(Mom!), head on over and subscribe there. I have a backlog of photos to get posted so I’ll get to doing that over the next few days.

See ya there!

(Did I leave ya enough links to the new place yet? SpeedKin.com! :-p )


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Taking turns talking to Steve on the phone.

Discovering evil bugs on the summer squash.

And giant grasshoppers eating everything they can.

Bringing out a few chicks to play (and hopefully eat a bunch of bugs).

As long as we’re here:

The newly seeded spots of beans and cucumbers.

Holy basil going to seed.

Okra loving the heat.

Lemon verbena — the kids love taking a branch in the house to make tea with.

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Before Steve left, some progress was made. None of it makes for good photography but it passes for exciting stuff around here.

The mailbox I’ve been nagging him about for years is finally up and in service. Still needs some sort of closure and a flag but those are small potatoes to worry about later.

The wellhouse is still not finished but Steve wrapped the openings in chicken wire for now so that I can clean & straighten it back up (dog + cats + welding = extreme unneatness) and start lifting weights again without worry about Josie running off every split second I turn my back.

The goats and chickens now have a larger, lusher area to roam and munch. It starts at the west end of the garden and original pen,

heads west along the edge of the driveway,

and down to the road, linking up with the old hog pen (the kids and I will fix it so they can go in there as well in a week or two) and around to the lower garden.

The critters are fat and happy!

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It’s not been a great week to survive life here. A year or two ago, I ran over Duke’s bike and he went without forever. We bought him a new one just this spring and, this week, Steve ran it over. *sigh* Poor, bikeless kid.

We also had another garden/goat/chicken incident and the garden got remunched. Even worse, Kong (the outside dog who has always protected us and the animals) managed to get into the chicken coop since it was open and killed 10 chickens. *double sigh*

Can I get a group sigh?


Some days, that’s all you can do.

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Bird brain

Feed sack string = worm? I pulled it out as much as I could without ripping up some guts, then cut it. We’ll see…

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I’ve had quite a few emails checking to see if we’re okay. That storm that caused the flash flooding and several deaths in Arkansas this week was 70-80 miles away. Close, but not close enough. So, yeah, we’re alive and in one piece.

I’ve been busy, busy so haven’t taken the time to update the blog here. Got the garlic harvested, along with what remained of the onions after the second garden massacre. Pulled the cool weather plants. Replanted the newly vacant spots with purplehulls, pole beans, summer squash, sweet potatoes, cantelope, etc. The garden is looking pretty desolate at this point and so isn’t terribly photogenic. We have start harvesting the first tomatoes and cucumbers!

The sunchokes are looking like a mini-jungle.

The first planting of cantelope is looking promising.

We picked up the new goats a few days ago and they’re wonderful. I’ll try to get some pics of them soon. Abraham, the buck, is GORGEOUS and a sweetheart. Betty and Wilma are cute little doelings about the same age as our Sprinkles and Charlene Bronson.

Then there are the normal summertime activities.

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Who’s there?


Dwayne who?

Dwayne the bathtub! I’m dwowning, I’m dwowning!

Okay, so maybe trying to work on ten projects at the same time isn’t so great for getting anything finished. At least it’ll feel like a really productive day when I get them all finished, right? Right??

I could drown in the weeds alone. Weeds in front of me.

Weeds behind me.

That’s the lower garden which, this year, contains corn, pumpkins, and cantelope. And weeds. We’re gaining on it, slowly, thanks to my free slave labor.

Steve and Cody are making progress on the new fence to expand the goat & chicken yard.

Bullseye, the new buck? Buh-bye! He was mean — so mean the kids couldn’t go in to do their chores. So we took him back and he’s going to auction. We’ll be getting another buck to take his place but, for now, meet Bam Bam, a Boer wether.

We’ve told Josie that he’s her goat to take care of. (He’s a sweetie!!)

And lookie! Tomato porn!

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