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David got the new email subscription set up on SpeedKin so I’ll be doing the blogging there from now on. For those of you that are email subscribers here(Mom!), head on over and subscribe there. I have a backlog of photos to get posted so I’ll get to doing that over the next few days.

See ya there!

(Did I leave ya enough links to the new place yet? SpeedKin.com! :-p )


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Moving, Again

Alrighty. In honor of the physical, real-world move, we’re also moving the blog. Yay! It’s nowhere near done yet but you can head on over for a sneak peek if you like. Where? SpeedKin.com!

David (one of my brothers, for those who don’t keep stalker-like notes on these things) got the blog software set up on SpeedKin and imported all of the old posts over. Now I just have to figure out what exactly I want and nag him ask him nicely to hold my widdle hand and speak in monosyllabic moron language to teach me.

Screw it. I’ll just nag him to do it.

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Ever get the feeling you’re not accomplishing anything? Yeah. That feeling. It’s much easier to swallow, calling it a “feeling”, rather than admitting that it’s reality.

So, instead of awing you all with photographic evidence of all of the progress around here, I shall deviously distract you with random nature photos (and Charlie Daniels classics)!

Fire on the mountain (Run, boys, run!)*

Cleome, one of my favorite flowers.

Nasty storm coming in over the lake. We were on our way to town and just about got blown off of the road a few times. Visibility went down to zilch. White knuckles and all that. Pull over and wait for it to pass? Pshaw. That’s like asking a man to stop for directions.

*Fire on the mountain reference:

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Okay, so I couldn’t find a unicorn. I did, however, find a magical dirty butt. That’s close, right?

I posted a couple of new things on the “For Sale” page. Take a looky-loo if you’re interested.

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‘Scuse me while I rearrange the furniture a bit again.

I’ve taken down the ArtFire shop stuff on the sidebar temporarily. The kids and I are going to bust butt around the property in an attempt to spruce it up for (hopefully) selling. Sewing is taking a back seat for now.

I’m also about to make a separate page for things we’ll be putting up for sale, along with some freebies. (You’ll see it as a separate tab along the top.) We’re going to declutter as best we can over the next few weeks to lighten our load for moving.

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We are certified car/truck/van slobs. I’ve tried keeping bags and little trash cans in the van before, hoping at least some of the crap would make it in, but no go. The trash finding its way to the can wasn’t the problem. It was that the can or bag would inevitably get knocked over and spill its contents, leaving yet another mess.

Best idea ever: Someone gave us an old diaper genie and, after banging around in the house for a while (we didn’t use it for dipes), I stuck it in the van. Perfect! It has the little pop-up lid in the middle that’s easily opened and close as needed. Even if someone forgets to close it, the opening is small enough that nothing falls out when it gets knocked over.

And, just because I’m still so friggin’ excited about the new mailbox, an interior shot now that I have it painted.

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Ta da!

Buh-bye, Mr. Hacker. My email is once again my own and Yahoo came through for me. They restored my emails super quick. All of my contact emails are still missing but I can add those bit by bit as I hear from folks and/or go through old emails.

As a reward for putting up with this crap, have a sunset (pic taken by Isaac a couple of nights ago):

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