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David got the new email subscription set up on SpeedKin so I’ll be doing the blogging there from now on. For those of you that are email subscribers here(Mom!), head on over and subscribe there. I have a backlog of photos to get posted so I’ll get to doing that over the next few days.

See ya there!

(Did I leave ya enough links to the new place yet? SpeedKin.com! :-p )


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Ever get the feeling you’re not accomplishing anything? Yeah. That feeling. It’s much easier to swallow, calling it a “feeling”, rather than admitting that it’s reality.

So, instead of awing you all with photographic evidence of all of the progress around here, I shall deviously distract you with random nature photos (and Charlie Daniels classics)!

Fire on the mountain (Run, boys, run!)*

Cleome, one of my favorite flowers.

Nasty storm coming in over the lake. We were on our way to town and just about got blown off of the road a few times. Visibility went down to zilch. White knuckles and all that. Pull over and wait for it to pass? Pshaw. That’s like asking a man to stop for directions.

*Fire on the mountain reference:

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Sunshine on a stalk

More stuff added to the For Sale page just a few minutes ago.

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Harvested from the lower garden Monday evening:

It’s going to be a big, big melon year…

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When in doubt, use caulking. Lots of it. Everywhere. (Except on the kids as they tend to bloat and then explode out some newly-formed hole.)

(I’ll spare you the details of my urinal and bathroom plumbing adventures. You do not want to know.)

Now how to gracefully segue from urinal caulking to eating?

I give up.

So, for the first time since moving out of Illinois, I saw corn on cob on sale for 10 cents each. Wow. Guess what we had for dinner?

And a wee bit of garden porn for you in a beautiful basket we got from the plant swap this spring. (I use it every day and wish I’d had it years ago!)

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The Missing Cherry

Our first cherry harvest, from the trees we planted this spring. I took this pic back in… May? and then forgot about it until today.

The kitchen garden in May, neat & tidy.

The kitchen garden in July, definitely looking more lived in.

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Parade of melons

In addition to watermelons, we’re growing a bunch of other melons this year. It won’t be long now!

Okay, so the last one is not really a melon. It’s far too large. It’s like a planet. It has its own weather system.

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